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We Are Engaging Voters

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GCC Battle for Democracy Initiative 

Ohio has re-emerged as a high-stakes state in the 2020 presidential election. That’s why it is critical for the election to be free and fair — but barriers are in place that can negatively impact this all-important goal. 

Voter suppression is real, whether it’s a decrease in the number of ballot drop boxes available, or the canceling of voter registrations by the Ohio Secretary of State, unbeknownst to voters. 

We have to act now and use our organizing power to overcome these obstacles, ensuring that everyone who wants to vote gets to vote. This is truly a Battle for Democracy.

Our Goal

GCC has committed to delivering 5,000 votes to help push back voter suppression in our region — and we need YOU to help us deliver on that promise.

Currently, we are recruiting 200 volunteers to engage at least 10,000 voters. 

To meet our goal, we need 10-20 volunteers from each organization. 

Our Strategy

We are creating teams from within our member organizations and partners to ensure that voters can and will:

  • Register to vote
  • Have their ballots filled out correctly, signed and witnessed
  • Get their ballots to the County Board of Elections if they are voting absentee
  • Get to their polling place if they are voting in person

For information on how to help

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