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Social Change.

We Are Ordinary Citizens Who Drive Social Change

Make our voices heard

We are members of over 30 dues-paying congregations and organizations from across Cuyahoga County. We are Christian, Jewish, Muslim and secular.

We connect individuals and organizations to multiply our power and mobilize our members by the thousands to make our voices heard to build a better community for all of our residents.

In other words, we teach ordinary citizens how to build and wield power. 

We are led by clergy and lay leaders from across our member institutions. We have core teams of leaders within our congregations who listen to their members, ascertain their interests and act on their energy in concert with their sister institutions to make social change. A staff of four paid organizers support our clergy, lay leaders and member institutions to carry out our mission of being a catalyst for social change. 


A Coalition of Faith Communities and Partner Organizations

Interested in Joining

If you or your institution is interested in joining an organization with a track record for social change in Cuyahoga County, contact