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We Build.

We Build Connections That Bring Social Change.


Through our well-honed organizing efforts, we bring people together from different races, classes, and religions for meaningful social support and connection that lead to social change. We identify our issue campaigns by listening to our members and our neighbors. Here’s how we’re working to transform Greater Cleveland. Currently, our issue campaigns are …

Vote NO on Issue 1: Power to the people, not politicians.

Color of Health: Healthier futures for poor communities of color.

Justice For Our Children: We need to stop needlessly throwing kids in adult prison. Discretionary Youth Bindover is cruel and unusually common in Cuyahoga County.

Pretrial Injustice: How long would it take for the system to ruin your life?

PowerUp Coop: Are you a non-profit? Join us! We’re lowering costs so you can focus on what really matters — your mission.

Successful organizing requires people and money.

For more information on how your institution can join the efforts of 35+ congregations across Cuyahoga County, contact Khalilah Worley Billy at

Battle for Democracy

We are taking action to make sure everyone who wants to vote can do so safely and in a timely manner

Gun Safety

We Are Not Standing Idly By

Color of Health

Organizing Helps Build Health Equity