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PowerUp Purchasing Cooperative


When it became clear in 2020 that the pandemic would create substantial financial challenges for our member institutions, we set out to find a solution to help our members keep the lights on. Our people were struggling. And we were determined to find a creative way to enable them to sustain themselves.

That’s why we partnered with Cleveland Owns and the Community Purchasing Alliance to launch PowerUp Purchasing Cooperative. PowerUp is a member-owned cooperative that pools the economic power of our institutions and peers to negotiate better deals for facilities maintenance contacts. In July 2021, for example, 28 institutions came together to negotiate new electric supply contracts at rates at least 20% lower than the alternative. And nearly two dozen institutions have received new bids for waste hauling contracts that show average monthly savings of 30 - 50%.

PowerUp offers two programs currently: waste hauling and property insurance.

New programs are also in the works! To learn more, visit PowerUp's website at