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We’re Providing Community-Based COVID Testing and Vaccinations

Public health research experts have pointed out the disproportionate impact COVID-19 has had on the poor communities of color, exposing the inequities and injustices that GCC has been building power to correct since its founding.

During the peak COVID-19 pandemic, GCC created the Color of Health Initiative, which recruited 17 Cleveland East Side congregations to serve as sites for free COVID testing through a partnership with the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and the MetroHealth System.

Since July 2020, thousands of people were tested in underserved Cleveland neighborhoods. Testing registration often filled up quickly, confirming the lack of testing available to residents of these neighborhoods.

Color of Health Initiative’s focus going forward was to continue to work with local organizations, medical systems, health departments, foundations and other groups to develop a plan to provide vaccinations to our community. Since then, Dollars 4 Doses provided 3,880 vaccines to Cleveland residents.

We continue to look at creative strategies for community-based healthcare.

Successful organizing requires people and money.

For more information on how your institution can join the efforts 40+ congregations across the Cuyahoga County, contact

And to give a donation to Greater Cleveland Congregations and the Dollars 4 Doses campaign, click here.