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Learn the Issues: Check Out the GCC Voter Guide

Written by Greater Cleveland Congregations

The GCC Voter Guide — no issue is too big, no pup is too small

Alright, Ohio. The midterm election is coming up, and we gotta go save Democracy again. It’s like we’re the Paw Patrol, and Democracy is the mayor’s pet chicken. 

But this time we’re not just saving Democracy, we’re writing Ohio’s future. We’re voting on some massively important issues — reproductive rights, legalized marijuana, the People’s Budget (city of Cleveland) and more. 

Do you know the issues? Do you know where you stand? Do you know where you’ll land? Do you know where to vote? Are you ready? Are you sure? 

It’s almost game time. If we haven’t put a physical copy of the GCC Voter Guide in your hot little hands yet, well, we put it on our website. 

Your vote is your voice and your power. You are in control. 

And you know what? The whole nation noticed when we voted back in August. Let’s do it again. 

Check out our voter guide here!