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Gerrymandering Rigs the Game.

Written by Greater Cleveland Congregations

Your signature can make voting more fair in Ohio.

When politicians can’t win, they rig the game by gerrymandering. 

Gerrymandering is the practice of drawing political boundaries that benefit politicians over people. Right now, Ohio politicians draw district boundaries to help them stay in power.

And when we approach them with issues that matter to us, sometimes they don’t even pretend to care. Because of gerrymandering, they don’t have to.

Gerrymandering really means that politicians get to pick their voters.

We’re calling on the state of Ohio to put an end to gerrymandering once and for all through a state constitutional amendment.

Democracy works when voters choose their politicians, not the other way around.

First we have to get on the November ballot.

We are gathering signatures to get the Citizens Not Politicians state constitutional amendment on the November ballot.
GCC needs 100 more volunteers to collect signatures to help us meet our goal.

If Citizens Not Politicians passes in November, it will:

  • Create a 15-member Ohio Citizens Redistricting Commission made up of Democratic, Republican, and Independent citizens who broadly represent the different geographic areas and demographics of the state.
  • Ban current or former politicians, political party officials and lobbyists from sitting on the Commission.
  • Require fair and impartial districts by making it unconstitutional to draw voting districts that discriminate against or favor any political party or individual politician.
  • Require the commission to operate under an open and independent process.

If the Citizens Not Politicians constitutional amendment is not on the November ballot, Ohio politicians will continue to have the power to draw unfair districts.

We need you.

Together, We the People can put an end to gerrymandering in Ohio.

The campaign needs over 400,000 valid signatures of registered voters from across Ohio, including 100,000 signatures from Cuyahoga County voters alone.

GCC is committed to delivering 20,000 by June 1.

If enough valid signatures are turned in, Citizens Not Politicians will be on the November ballot, and we can vote and change the state constitution.

Sign up here to collect signatures at an upcoming event or sign the petition. 

Contact Molly Martin at or (440) 666-8549 to request a signature booklet and flyers.

Let politicians know who runs the show in O-H-I-O!