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GCC Youth Leaders Take Action and Go Door to Door

Written by Greater Cleveland Congregations

GCC Youth Leaders Take Action and Go Door to Door 

Over the weekend, 30 youth leaders walked through the Fairfax neighborhood, knocking on doors and encouraging residents to vote NO on Issue 1. 

They’re part of GCC’s Youth Organizing Training Program, where they learn basic organizing principles like relational power, leadership skills, and so much more.


First-time youth leader Lavashanay Moriss said, “I love seeing young students like myself engaging in the community. It was not only fun, but it made us all feel important expressing the fact that voting no on Issue 1 is a big deal.”

While the young people enjoyed learning how to improve their communities, they were most energized by the get-out-the-vote efforts. They quickly learned that asking someone to vote is really about building relationships — listening to stories, concerns, and ideas and looking for ways to take action on issues together. 

Even the most reserved youth discovered it was a "rush" and uplifting challenge to have real conversations about real issues with people. Neighborhood residents who opened the doors were impressed with their joyful determination and their ability to ask questions and really listen, calling them “hope at the door.”

These predominantly African American and Latino youth leaders could only access the training program through transportation and support provided by GCC.  

"We believe all youth should have access to make a positive impact on their community, " said Alejandra Tres, Senior Youth Organizer for GCC. “Our young people are often underestimated and under-invited, but they are in fact key leaders, full of ideas, energy, and commitment to knock on doors and much much more.”

Rev. James Crews of Antioch Baptist Church added, “It was a blessing and an honor to walk alongside these youth. We thank GCC for seeing them as they are and who they are and encouraging them to witness and grow their power as current and future leaders of Cleveland.” 

If passed, Issue 1 would make it incredibly difficult for Ohio voters to change old laws and make new ones by redefining a majority of voters as greater than 60% rather than greater than 50%. GCC stands firmly against Issue 1, and we urge you to vote NO on August 8th.