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GCC Is Rolling to the Polls!

Written by GCC

Roll to the Polls allows individuals to drive -- or be driven -- to the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections (BOE) drop box to deposit their absentee ballot. Using this drop box will ensure that each ballot gets in on time (and saves on postage). BOE staff will be on hand to receive ballots on specific days and times. See below.

Here are the Roll to the Poll dates:

October 22-25

Thursday, October 22, 10am-1pm* and 6-9pm**

Friday, October 23, 10am-1pm* and 6-9pm**

Saturday, October 24, 1-4pm**

Sunday, October 25, "Roll a Senior to the Polls" 1-4pm**

*BOE staff on hand

** No staff, just drop in box