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2023 Ohio November Election Results

Written by Greater Cleveland Congregations

OHIO! You turned out and turned it up on Tuesday, November 7th. Nearly four million people showed up to the polls. Your voices were heard loud and clear here at home and across the nation.

SO … how did the vote shake out? Here we go. 

On Issue 1, nearly 2.2 million (56.6%) of you voted yes. You decided that people and families have the right to make their own personal and private decisions about reproductive rights, including abortion, contraception and fertility treatments. And now that right is enshrined in the Ohio State Constitution. 

On Issue 2, nearly 2.2 million (57%) of you decided that marijuana should be legal and regulated like alcohol. Fantastic. There will be huge economic opportunities for a whole lot of us, late night Polish boy sales will skyrocket, and we can stop throwing Black and Brown kids in jail for dealing small amounts of weed. 

In Cleveland, you narrowly said no to Issue 38, which would have established a People’s Budget. The City Council and labor unions were firmly against it. So much so that they spent money on billboards and radio ads to get their message across. 

After the vote, the Cleveland City Council released a statement saying, among other things, “Issue 38 revealed we need to do more work on civic engagement, participation, and awareness.” On that, we agree.

And on Issue 5, the Cuyahoga Community College renewal levy passed easily, which Tri-C will use to help keep tuition affordable.


THANK YOU, OHIO!!! Way to show up and get involved. Your vote is your voice and your power. You are in control. 

Power to the people, not just politicians.