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We Help.

Through Our Organizing, We Help Shape Housing Policy

Since Greater Cleveland Congregations established a Housing Taskforce, made up of GCC member institutions, we have helped shape what remains a top priority for the City of Cleveland Heights: maintaining the housing stock in areas especially hard hit by the foreclosure crisis and slower to recover than other parts of the city. 

Dating back to 2016, our focus has been on identifying seriously deteriorated vacant properties in the Noble area of Cleveland Heights. Our housing team walked the neighborhood and inspected houses that had been recently sold to investors to see which investors were not taking care of those properties and reporting them to the city.

The Result:

Last October Cleveland Heights City Council enacted an ordinance requiring that $15,000 foreclosure bonds be filed with the city on properties to guarantee any upkeep that may be needed while they remain vacant. 

And We Aren't Finished!

In June 2019, over 50 volunteers from 12 Greater Cleveland Congregation institutions took a walking inventory of the entire targeted Noble neighborhood to see what blighted vacant homes still remained. The Housing Team will take the list of properties identified, research the ownership and status of each, and request that the City of Cleveland Heights do a "complaint inspection" that will place these properties at the top of the City's agenda.

If you or your institution is interested in the organizing work Greater Cleveland Congregations is doing in the area of housing contact us at