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Community Purchasing Alliance

We Use Our Collective Spending Power to Negotiate Better Prices

In May 2020, GCC partnered with Cleveland Owns, a nonprofit that builds cooperative businesses, to launch the Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA), a purchasing cooperative for GCC members and other nonprofits in Northeast Ohio. We envision a separate, for-profit entity owned cooperatively by its member institutions that works to get the best possible deal on waste hauling, electricity, natural gas, security services, and insurance.

We are inspired by Washington D.C.’s Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA), a member-owned purchasing cooperative founded by a group of houses of worship affiliated with GCC’s parent organization, the Industrial Areas Foundation. CPA is partnering with GCC to establish its own cooperative.

We started with waste hauling because vendors have been dramatically overcharging several GCC member institutions. Eleven Cleveland-area institutions that together spend about $3,000 each month on waste hauling joined the waste hauling collected RFP in September 2021. We have been working with four local waste haulers to solidify contract terms favorable to the institutions. 

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