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We Did Some Amazing Work Between October 14th and November 3rd!

Written by GCC

GCC's 2020 Battle for Democracy was committed to ensuring that everyone who wanted to vote got to vote. A huge part of this effort was working with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to contact thousands of voters whose ballot applications were rejected because they did not include the voter's date of birth.

In a momentous four-week period in the life of GCC, we:

  • Held 15 Zoom trainings
  • Organized seven GCC leaders to be hired by the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to sort rejections and do data entry
  • Organized two Roll to the Poll Kick-Off Convoys
  • Trained 285 GCC volunteers in collaboration with Northeast Ohio Voter Advocates, the League of Women Voters and All Votes Count organizations
  • Contacted approximately 4,000 voters by phone
  • Made approximately 8,500 phone calls (each caller was trained to make multiple calls until they reached the voter)
  • Delivered 1,500 door hangers to voters without phone numbers or email addresses
  • Sent 650 emails to those voters with only emails as contact information
  • On Election Day had 15 volunteers at ten polling places monitoring polls and supporting Issue 68, a levy to support Cleveland schools

This non-partisan effort brought together people from across Northeast Ohio and beyond to make sure people were able to vote.