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Follow-up action to the July 11 "Claiming our Birthright" action

Written by GCC

On September 12, Lee Road Baptist Church once again hosted a follow-up action to the July 11 "Claiming our Birthright" action. The September 12th action was about deepening our relationships and engaging with leaders throughout GCC and beyond.

Lee Road Baptist was filled with positive energy as GCC congregations with core teams or longevity in GCC were paired with discerning institutions for relational conversations and sharing of experiences. Discerning congregations had the opportunity to ask questions of current members about their experience being part of GCC and shared their reasons for exploring membership in GCC.

New GCC member institutions and new leaders from member institutions met in the church sanctuary to ask questions of their own about GCC and their role as members and leaders.  

Relationships were strengthened and questions were answered.

Over the next two months, discerning members pledged to be open to having GCC leaders come and explore membership with GCC institutions, while GCC member organizations pledged to refresh their core teams and develop new leaders.