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We Are a Dues-Based Organization

Like our sister organizations across the U.S., Greater Cleveland Congregations is a dues-based organization.

Member dues, along with foundation grants and individual donations, allow Greater Cleveland Congregations to recruit and retain talented organizers who can successfully implement our mission.

Our dues-paying members also have a major voice in decision-making through our Delegate Assemblies. In addition:

  • By paying membership dues, our members are consciously making a continuous financial and psychological commitment to the Greater Cleveland Congregations and its goals.
  • The community can gage our power by seeing how many members are financially invested in our goals.
  • Organizing is often a long and slow process that only happens with consistent pressure in the desired direction. A steady income stream from dues –and other sources such as grants and individual donations – allows Greater Cleveland Congregations to push forward toward its goals.
  • Greater Cleveland Congregations is accountable to its dues-paying members by defining clear goals and showing it is constantly working toward those goals.


Questions regarding Greater Cleveland Congregations' dues process should be directed to