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GCC Working to Engage Voters for 2020 Election

Written by GCC

Following its first-ever virtual retreat for leaders from its member congregations, GCC has devised a four-point strategy around voter engagement for the 2020 election:

  1. Voter turnout:We are looking at the uncertainties surrounding mail-in and in-person voting and their impact on vulnerable populations, and actions that we can take to ensure people are able to vote and their vote gets counted.
  2. Target neighborhoods:We are building relationships with key institutions in several Cleveland neighborhoods to make sure everyone who wants to vote can do so safely and in a timely manner.
  3. Recruitment of youth poll workers:The pandemic will likely keep many of Ohio’s traditional poll workers (seniors 60 years and older) from volunteering this year, so GCC is recruiting youth to take on the important responsibility of working the polls on November 3rd.
  4. Battle for Democracy: With Ohio emerging as once-again a pivotal state, GCC created the Battle for Democracy Fund to combat voter suppression.  BFD supports on-the-ground engagement of GCC and Common Ground in Milwaukee, Wisconsin performed by over 900 volunteer leaders.